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Basic concepts for SEO positioning

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SEO positioning has become a basic tool to optimize our visibility in search engines. Knowing the keywords of your business and your target audience is essential for your digital marketing strategy to be successful.

In order to have a greater reach, a good position in Google is necessary. This position will depend on the work we do with the on-page SEO and off-page SEO of our business.

Below, we answer some questions about how to work on page SEO to achieve greater visibility.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO includes the content of your website, as well as technical SEO. Creating quality content will allow you to improve your search engine rankings for different keywords and search terms. We know that only a few know your business better than you, you just need to know how your target audience searches for it so they can find you better.

We want to emphasize that SEO positioning is not a one-time project, since Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. To optimize results we need to constantly and consistently invest time into it, monitoring the implemented strategy and increasing its value with quality content.

To know how your website is positioned you can count on different tools, today we want to highlight two of them:

  • Google Search Console is a free tool that shows you analytical information about your site, including your visibility for certain keywords. Through this tool you will be able to know not only the SEO positioning of your page but also which keywords to use to improve it.
  • Semrush is a paid tool that allows you to track your SEO positioning, based on the selection of the most relevant keywords for your business. Semrush will help you to know your positions in the Google results page, with keyword recommendations and relating interesting topics to your target audience. Then, you will be able to increase your visibility and create content of greater interest to them.

How to find the keywords?

Keyword research may seem a complex task to perform from an analytical point of view. However, Google Ads and Semrush offer us the opportunity to select the right words that will improve our SEO positioning with their keyword planner.

These planners allow us to know the search volume of the most relevant words for us, as well as the difficulty we would face in improving positions for each of them. It should be noted that the list of keywords will change depending on the geographic and demographic segmentation strategies that we are most interested in carrying out.

In the short term, search trends may also change. Therefore, it is important that you analyze your SEO positioning periodically and adapt the content you create to the interests of your target audience.

Another tool you can use to predict the performance of different keywords is Google Trends. It won’t help you with search volume, but it will be useful to see if that keyword has any sort of potential.

How to generate valuable content?

With the help of keyword planners it is easier for us to create quality content to improve our online positioning. However, like everything else, it is essential to have a good content plan, which starts with the editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar is a planning tool that allows us to manage the creation and publication of our content. In addition, it helps us in the execution of the digital marketing strategy through the content of our website and the possible share in our social networks.

To create the editorial calendar, we must be aware of the topics that generate interest to our target audience and which words they use to search for it. For this content to be relevant, it must be adjusted to what the public needs, not only in terms of SEO, but also in terms of readability, originality and length.

Here are some basic tips to create quality content:

  • Use keywords in your content creation in order to enrich your text and appear in more Google searches and in better positions.
  • Make it easy. Attracting audiences is not the goal, but keeping and converting them is. The user may want to read your content, but will not continue if the text is not easy to read or understand. Try not to overuse technical terms.
  • Forget about plagiarism. If your text is not original, you will lose the credibility of your target audience, and also of search engines. If duplicate content is detected, you may be penalized in terms of your positioning.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity. Even if all the content comes from the same domain, if there are pages with duplicate content they are also penalized for not providing value. It is better to publish less frequently, but with varied approaches and new and relevant content.
  • Check out the trends. What is being published? What is the public looking for most? Having answers to these questions will help you find the topics for your editorial calendar and improve your results.
  • Think about reading time. It is estimated that a length of 1200 to 1400 words is about 5 minutes of reading time. Analyze the time users spend reading the content of your page to adjust the length to the time they spend.

SEO is not just about writing

Remember that in addition to creating valuable content for your target audience, you have the option to improve and optimize existing content. You can do this because the search volume for the keywords you used has changed or because you simply want to improve it. It’s about taking an existing piece of content and doing an on-page SEO optimization.

This is extremely useful if you run out of ideas for new content or if you want to keep your website up to date and free of outdated information.

Make Google see you!

We know that nowadays being visible to Google and having an optimized SEO positioning means being closer to our target audience. Our specialists are in charge of improving the positioning of the different projects in the search results. We are experts in the digital world and we apply this knowledge to all projects we take.

At Arcomm we encourage you to talk to one of our experts. We will be able to advise you, define the type of strategies you should follow and help you grow in the digital world.

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