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Branding, how to create the perfect brand

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Today we come to talk about one of the foundations of any company: Branding . Contrary to what people think, branding does not only apply to the most immediate part of a business, such as the logo or the design of a logo or a web page, it also affects how we are going to communicate in all our channels. and how our potential and existing customers will see our presence, our products and services and how they will differentiate us from the competition.

It is one of the most important elements of digital marketing, since it allows us to stand out and get the attention of our target or target customer.

What does a Branding strategy consist of?

As a general rule, a good brand strategy has 5 elements, although that will depend on who we ask, since we can include many more assets in the list.


It is the name of our brand, our product or service. It is a word or a combination of words that represents us and makes us easily and positively recognizable. Although it depends a lot on our offer and our preferences, there are certain rules that we have to take into account , such as the keywords, the simplicity of that naming, that it can be easily pronounced and that it makes sense in all the languages where we want to have the activity.

Corporate identity

It is the graphic representation of the brand. We have to think about all the ways in which our business is going to be seen in the different channels, so we will include in this section elements such as the logo, typography, corporate colors, its application in different media and formats, etc.

We must bear in mind that brand visuals also have to be adapted to the market we are going to enter, since they have different meanings depending on the country and culture.


This aspect of branding a brand is perhaps the most important. It is about positioning our brand in the consumer’s mind so that they always associate us with something positive. It works in the long term, since it is a process in which many elements intervene, including our online presence, advertising, our operation, the user experience, etc.

A very easy example is the positioning of Coca-Cola, which since it began has been positioning itself to the point where it is synonymous with happiness, even for people who do not like the drink itself.

brand loyalty

That loyalty or Brand Loyalty is also one of the elements of branding that is worked on in the long term. It is about getting loyal customers or users, who have some kind of link with our brand. In this way we get them to stay with us even if a competitor appears that offers better conditions.

Our preferred example is users of video game consoles. Although technically they are extremely similar, Play Station users and Xbox users are unlikely to switch to the other side because of the brand loyalty they have with their preferred console.

Brand Architecture

As we have said before, the branding of the brand does not only consist of the company logo, but also applies to the different products and services that it can offer. The way in which these different brands are related is what we call branding architecture , which can be of various types:

  • Monolithic : Where everything revolves around a single brand
  • Independent brands : Each brand of the company is independent and there is no direct relationship. For example, Fanta with Coca-Cola.
  • Endorsement : When the major brand supports minor brands, such as Amazon Alexa or Philips Hue bulbs.
  • Mixed Architecture : when we combine the previous ones depending on the brand we are working on.

Why is it important to build a brand as part of a digital marketing strategy?

Any digital marketing agency will look at the branding of a company if they are going to work with it, since a brand with a clear and well-constructed branding will be much easier to manage and promote than one that is not as consistent.

A well-done brand strategy greatly facilitates subsequent work, both in terms of graphic elements, advertising and visual elements as well as in terms of content, since having a clear and defined language facilitates the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing of content and email marketing. It allows us to maintain a uniform and consistent tone of voice in all channels, showing a strong and rational image, helping us to capture the potential client.

Key elements in the branding process

Although it may be a process that at first glance is simple, we have seen on many occasions that some extremely important points are overlooked. In summary, the most critical elements and where we have to be very attentive are:

  • 1. Always keep in mind what we want to convey , our added value or differentiating element
  • 2. Do not be a copy of the competition
  • 3. Strengthen the same message in all the brands that are part of our branding strategy and be consistent at all times
  • 4. Go beyond our personal preferences
  • 5. Consider the future of our business

You see that branding is incredibly important and can bring you great benefits in the short term. If you need help with your brand creation and management projects , at Arcomm we are here to help you.

Contact our Branding experts and we will advise you at all times.

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