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What will we do for you?

Branding, Design, Visual Identity, just name it

Brands that invest in graphic design and branding are more noticed. These are brands are the ones you fall in love with. Do you want yours to be the same?

Let’s talk! At Arcomm we have the service you need and we can give shape and color to your idea to make an impact.

We take care of

Who will do it?

We will get whoever it takes to give your ideas life in the best way, showing the world everything you have to offer. Whether marketing, networks or design, we have the perfect profile.

Artemi Daniluk

Marketing expert

Arcomm’s left brain, the one that is always buried in your numbers to see what works and what can be improved. He is a key piece in deciding your marketing strategy and next steps.

Dan Cimpean

graphic designer

The creative part of the agency. He is the one who adds color to our work and the one who always thinks in images. He sees things that others can’t and has exquisite taste and incredible intuition when it comes to visuals.

Maria Bordas Meix

Project Manager

She is the order and the law of Arcomm. She always knows how to keep others under control and working on the highest priority. Without her, everything would go just as well, but late…. On top of that, she is a great analyst and will always keep an eye on your results to keep everything on track.

The field of graphic design and branding is extremely extensive. It consists of communicating your brand at a visual level, and that is not only a logo, but a set of elements that your client will see and that he/she has to envision with a lot of affection.

We want to make people feel, period. And that is our goal with your brand. We want the graphic design to help you represent who you are and at the same time make your end user fall in love with you.

In Arcomm we do:

  • Naming
  • Creation of logos
  • Definition of tone of voice
  • Brand Identity and Personality
  • Creation of collaterals
  • Web Design
  • Packaging design
  • Design for social networks
  • Much more…

Our unique formula

How we work

We know that each case is special and that each project has its particularities.

But even if we always have to do some tweaking, we will use a method that has worked over and over again with every client.

1. Creative Brief

We’ll talk to you, we’ll interview you, you could even say we’ll question you about your brand. We want to know what your brand is and what you want it to become.


We will present a palette with the elements that we believe represent your brand. It will serve as inspiration for the creation of your brand and we will include the first sketches of the final result.

3. Brand Design

The creative process. We will work on everything your brand will need, whether it is logo design, packaging, web or any other element of graphic design.

4. Colors and typography

We will decide which colors best communicate your objectives and which types are best for you.

5. Corporate Manual / Style Guide

We will create an instruction book about how to use and how not to use your image. In addition, we will create a package with everything you will need in the future and deliver it to you.

0 +
brands created
iterations of logos presented
hours in front of Illustrator

Shall we talk about your project?

If you are looking for design and branding, you are in the right place. Tell us a little more about your project and what you need so we can get in touch with you.