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Social Media and
Community Management

What will we do for you?

We will be your social media manager

Or rather, we will manage your social networks like a professional community manager with years of experience. We are so good that you will forget that we are an agency and you will see us as part of the team.

You will forget that we are an agency. We will integrate into your team and manage your social networks as if we were an internal community manager.

We warn you in advance that we do not buy followers or likes, so the results you have will be 100% real.

Regardless of whether you are looking to grow organically or using advertising strategies with Facebook and Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads or any other platform, we create the ideal network strategy for your case. Quality content, always planned in advance and reviewed by you to be 100% aligned with your tone of voice and image.

Our Packs


One network, the whole team working
420 Monthly
  • 1 social network of your choice
  • 3 publications and 1 story per week (or equivalent)
  • Monthly reel (or equivalent)
  • Monthly KPI report
  • Interaction with followers


Two networks in tune with your business
800 Monthly
  • 2 social networks of your choice
  • 4 publications and 2 stories per week (or equivalent)
  • 1 reel per month per network (or equivalent)
  • Monthly KPI report
  • Interaction with followers


The complete pack
1450 Monthly
  • Up to 4 social networks
  • Daily postings on each network (posts and stories)
  • 2 reels per month per network
  • Monthly KPI report
  • Interaction with followers
  • Partnership management


We take care of

Who will do it?

We will get whoever it takes to give your ideas life in the best way, showing the world everything you have to offer. Whether marketing, networks or design, we have the perfect profile.

Artemi Daniluk

Marketing expert

Arcomm’s left brain, the one that is always buried in your numbers to see what works and what can be improved. He is a key piece in deciding your marketing strategy and next steps.

Dan Cimpean

graphic designer

The creative part of the agency. He is the one who adds color to our work and the one who always thinks in images. He sees things that others can’t and has exquisite taste and incredible intuition when it comes to visuals.

Maria Bordas Meix

Project Manager

She is the order and the law of Arcomm. She always knows how to keep others under control and working on the highest priority. Without her, everything would go just as well, but late…. On top of that, she is a great analyst and will always keep an eye on your results to keep everything on track.

Running an account (or several) of networks can be an ordeal if you have to think about the content, its format, the algorithms of each network, the design of publications, the reactivity in stories and a long etcetera.

This is where we come in. We have experience and tools that allow us to do this job in the best way and adjusting to the trends of the moment and the needs of your business.

These services may change depending on the stage of your project and your objectives, but they usually include:

  • Weekly publications in different formats
  • Video creation
  • Image search and editing
  • Competition research
  • Hashtags search
  • Story creation
  • Interaction with your followers
  • Collaborations with microinfluencers
  • Creation of campaigns with viral potential
  • Creation of interaction campaigns such as sweepstakes

Our unique formula

How we work

We know that each case is special and that each project has its particularities.

But even if we always have to do some tweaking, we will use a method that has worked over and over again with every client.

1. Analysis

We will study everything you have done and what you want to do. We will look at every metric, action and strategy to see where you are coming from.

2. Hypothesis and planning

We will see what the others do, how your sector moves and where your project fits in the ecosystem of the network that we are working on.

3. Implementation of campaigns

We will work with monthly calendars, prepared in advance so that there is no unforeseen event. Obviously we are flexible, but the more we can foresee, the better. In addition, we will implement it ALL for you.

4. Review

We will constantly review how each network we are working on is performing. Where we get more results and what your target audience likes the most.

5. Iteration

We will repeat it until we find the magic formula for marketing your business. In this way we will achieve a reliable, profitable and scalable strategy.

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Shall we talk about your project?

If you are looking for someone to manage your networks, you are in the right place. Tell us a little more about your project and what you need so we can get in touch with you.